How Unconscious Incompetence Affects Graduates and Young Professionals

As the Boomer generation ages, new workers will be needed to fill empty positions. But what happens to a new hire when the gaps in their knowledge are too big? Mistakes happen and productivity is lost.

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How to Eliminate Unconscious Incompetence in Your Workplace

Unconscious incompetence is not knowing what you don’t know. And when you take action based on a misperception, it can be hazardous. It’s a problem that affects every industry and every business.

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What Is Unconscious Incompetence & How It Impacts Technical Training?

We already know that Adaptive Learning is a versatile corporate training tool that can onboard new employees or train an experienced team. But Adaptive Learning is especially helpful for complex technical training (like software programming or laboratory medicine) because it helps uncover unconscious incompetence, something traditional corporate training tools cannot do.

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What Is Unconscious Incompetence & How Can You Prevent It?

You’ve heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”; this is unconscious incompetence. Imagine your sales team: are they confident that they understand all of the important features of your products? In reality, they probably don’t. That lack of knowledge is a reason your company might miss revenue goals. You’re not alone; unconscious incompetence negatively affects most companies.

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